Album "it took some time" released!
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Dear friends and new fans,

This is my new album, "It took some time", and it really did take some time for me to feel that I could say" it´s ready"!

My music making for the last 2 years, together with the producer and composer Arno Unterlass, has been an adventure, a journey with unexpected breaks, sometimes leaving us not knowing if we should take the right or the left path... a bit like the choices we make in our lives! But in the end, we realized that we couldn´t have chosen another way to work...

Every song on this album is different from the other. This can only happen when you allow yourself to create out of your feelings, and these feelings are what gave the songs such a diversity of character. Every tone and every word I sing comes from my heart.

As a Swedish artist, I could not resist the chance to include a traditional Swedish song on the album! It brought back such great memories of my childhood!

I do hope that our music will touch you as much as it inspired us to compose and work!

I am very grateful to my family and friends and musicians with whom I worked, for their support, their love, their belief in my work and for "giving me some time"!

Lots of love,



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